Located in South Asia, Bangladesh is a country that is steeped in history and culture. The country is home to a diverse population and boasts a rich culinary tradition that has earned it the title of the “land of spicy food”. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the history, geography, politics, governance, infrastructure, economy, demographics, social indicators, natural resources, technology, international relations, country code, leading newspaper, major problems, capital, festivals, and food of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh has a long and complex history, with influences from Indian, British, and Pakistani rule. The country gained independence from Pakistan in 1971 after a long and bloody war. Since then, the country has made significant strides in development, particularly in areas like education and healthcare.


Bangladesh is a country with a diverse geography that includes the world’s largest delta and numerous rivers. It is bordered by India to the north, east, and west and Myanmar to the south-east. The country is known for its lush green landscapes, rolling hills, and pristine beaches.

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Politics and Governance:

Bangladesh is a parliamentary democracy with a president serving as the head of state and a prime minister serving as the head of government. The country has a unicameral parliament known as the Jatiya Sangsad. The current ruling party is the Awami League, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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Bangladesh has made significant investments in its infrastructure in recent years, particularly in the areas of transportation and energy. The country is home to a growing network of highways, bridges, and ports. The government has also prioritized expanding access to electricity, with plans to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix.


Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with a focus on export-oriented industries like textiles and garments. The country has also made significant strides in the areas of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and ICT. The government has set ambitious goals for the country to achieve middle-income status by 2021.


Bangladesh is a country with a population of over 160 million people, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The majority of the population is Muslim, with significant Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian minorities. The country has a relatively young population, with a median age of 27.3 years.

Social Indicators:

Bangladesh has made significant progress in improving its social indicators in recent years. The country has achieved universal primary education and has made significant strides in reducing maternal and child mortality rates. The government has also launched several initiatives to improve access to healthcare, particularly in rural areas.

Natural Resource:

Bangladesh is a country with a wealth of natural resources, including natural gas, coal, and arable land. The country is also home to a rich biodiversity, with several important wildlife reserves and protected areas.


Bangladesh has made significant strides in the areas of information and communication technology (ICT). The country has become a major player in the global outsourcing industry, particularly in areas like software development and business process outsourcing. The government has also launched several initiatives to promote the growth of the country’s ICT sector, including the establishment of a high-tech park in Dhaka.

International Relations:

Bangladesh is an active member of the international community and has diplomatic relations with countries around the world. The country is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the World Trade Organization. Bangladesh has also played a key role in providing humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons, particularly in the areas of Rohingya crisis.

Country Code: The country code for Bangladesh is +880.

Leading Newspaper:

184Bangladesh:The Daily Star
185Bangladesh:Prothom Alo
186Bangladesh:Daily Bangladesh Pratidin

The Daily Star is one of the leading English language newspapers in Bangladesh, covering news and events from across the country.

Major Problems:

Bangladesh faces several major challenges, including poverty, environmental degradation, and political instability. The country is also prone to natural disasters like floods and cyclones, which can have devastating impacts on communities.


Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. It is a bustling metropolis that is home to over 21 million people.


Bangladesh is a country that is known for its colorful festivals and celebrations. One of the most important festivals is Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. Another important festival is Durga Puja, which is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil.


Bangladesh is renowned for its delicious and spicy cuisine, which is influenced by Indian and Middle Eastern flavors. Some of the most popular dishes include biryani, a rice dish that is often served with chicken or beef, and samosas, a savory pastry that is filled with vegetables or meat. Seafood is also a popular choice, with dishes like fried fish and shrimp curry featuring prominently on menus.


Bangladesh is a country that has a rich history, diverse geography, vibrant culture, and a thriving economy. From its delicious food to its colorful festivals, there is much to discover about this fascinating country. While Bangladesh faces several major challenges, the country has made significant progress in areas like education, healthcare, and infrastructure. With a young and dynamic population, Bangladesh is poised to continue on its path of growth and development in the years to come.

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